Discounts and promotional pricing

A2 Hosting periodically offers discounts on our products. This article answers some common questions about how our discounts work.

How long are discounts valid? Do they apply to purchases indefinitely?

A2 Hosting applies discounts to the first invoice issued for a purchase. For example, if you purchase a hosting package with a monthly billing cycle, the discount applies to the first month. Subsequent months are invoiced at the full package price.

Similarly, if you purchase a hosting package with a yearly billing cycle, the discount applies to the entire first year because you pay the yearly amount in the first invoice. Subsequent years are invoiced at the full package price.

If I am already an A2 Hosting customer, can I use a discount to upgrade or renew my hosting?

Discounts are only valid for new package purchases. You cannot use a discount on an existing hosting package, unless the promotion is specifically marketed as an upgrade promotion. This limitation applies to hosting packages, as well as all addons and upgrades. You cannot use discounts on products or services that you have already purchased. During an upgrade promotion, an account must be active before the announcement of the promotion to be eligible for a hosting credit. Existing customers may need to contact our Billing department regarding the usage of a Managed VPS or Dedicated Server promotion.

Is there a cost to move my account to another package during an upgrade promotion?

There is no fee for an account upgrade. For an account downgrade, there is a $25 content migration fee.

What is considered an account upgrade?

An account upgrade is moving your account to a larger plan within the same service level. For example, moving from one Reseller Hosting plan to a larger plan. Moving your account to a higher service level is also considered an upgrade (i.e upgrading your Managed VPS to a Managed Dedicated service). Moving from a higher service level to a lower service level is considered an account downgrade (i.e moving from a Reseller Hosting plan to a Web Hosting plan).

If a promotion includes a hosting credit as part of the promotional pricing, when do I receive the hosting credit, and when does A2 Hosting apply it to my account?

When we promote a hosting credit as part of a promotion, the credit is contingent on completing the terms of the promotion.

For example, if A2 Hosting offers a hosting credit as part of an upgrade promotion, we apply the hosting credit:

  • When your billing account changes to the new package pricing.
  • After any outstanding invoices are paid in full.

When we apply the hosting credit to your account, the amount is deducted from your next invoice. All credits are advertised in USD and will be converted to the customer's currency accordingly.

I received a hosting credit as part of a promotion—what can I do with it?

A2 Hosting applies hosting credits automatically to the next purchase or invoice that occurs on your account. Hosting credits are non-refundable, and do not have any cash value.

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