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Reseller Quick Start Guide

Congratulations and thank you for purchasing a reseller package from A2 Hosting! This Quick Start Guide provides information you need to get your site and your customers' sites up and running.

Welcome e-mail

After you purchase a reseller package from A2 Hosting, you receive an e-mail message when account setup is complete. This message provides the following important information:

  • Your domain name and IP address.
  • cPanel and WebHost manager URLs and login information.
  • FTP server and login information.
  • E-mail server and login information.
  • DNS name server information.
  • SSH account information.
    You must log in to the A2 Hosting Customer Portal to view your SSH password. For more information about how to use the Customer Portal, please see these articles.

Administration interfaces

You can use cPanel and WebHost Manager to manage your own account and your customers' accounts.


cPanel is the primary administration interface for your account. For more information about how to use cPanel, please see these articles.

WebHost Manager

WebHost Manager enables you to manage your customers' accounts. You can create cPanel accounts for your customers, and much more. For more information about how to use WebHost Manager, please see these articles.

Custom name servers

As a reseller, you can also set up your own custom name servers. For example, you can use name servers such as and, where represents your domain name.

For information about how to set up custom name servers, please see this article.