How to back up WordPress

Why does WordPress need to be backed up?

It is absolutely crucial to back up your WordPress site. Unfortunately, there are sometimes instances where data can be erased or corrupted due to updates or erroneous well-intentioned tinkering. Alas, if your data has been backed up, there is nothing to fear! The site can be restored to the most recent backup in no time. However, if the data is not backed up, the data will either be erased or remain corrupted.

How do I backup WordPress?

There are several methods to backup WordPress. Some options back up the entire site, some back up just the database or files, and some backup both database and files. It’s important to know what exactly is getting backed up so nothing critical is lost.

You can manually backup WordPress using phpMyAdmin or MariaDB (please note that these examples only back up the databases.) While these methods are a bit more labor intensive, they are reliable and come highly recommended by WordPress themselves.

The easiest method for backing up WordPress would be to use a plugin. A2 Hosting highly recommends the UpDraftPlus plugin (this particular option backs up both the database and files.) Many other options such as Jetpack and Softaculous offer backup capabilities. It’s best to familiarize yourself with several options to ensure both site security and in case a plugin or manual method fails.  

When should I backup WordPress?

It’s especially important to backup WordPress before any major changes to a site, or when upgrading plugins. The backup will ensure that the site can be restored in case anything goes wrong. If you rely on automatic backups from a plugin, it’s wise to check if a recent backup exists. If not, you should backup WordPress manually or by using your preferred plugin.

Having issues backing up WordPress?

If you’re having issues backing up WordPress, there are many resources to consult. Our knowledge base offers a wide variety of articles. If you still haven’t found the exact help you need, contact A2 Hosting’s customer support LiveChat, call us or submit a customer support ticket,  where a customer support representative will give further guidance to resolve the situation.

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